1er Simposio Virtual #ML4MX



Mission, Vision and Objects of #ML4MX

MISSION: Promote the interaction of Mexicans in Europe in the area of Machine Learning in order to develop projects between academia and industry for the society and Mexican government.

VISION: Create global synergies between academic and govermental insittutions, industry and society to solve hight impact problems in Mexico.

OBJECTIVES: Identify problems in Mexico with reliable datasets that can be solved with the application of techniques of Machine Learning.

#ML4MX: Para y Por México

Areas of Research of #ML4MX

  • Healthcare and Life Science

    #ML4MX can allow ML experts to analyse data for clinitians and medical researchers.
  • Education

    #ML4MX can track student knowledge to improve the performance of teachers and schools.
  • Public Services

    #ML4MX can be applied in fraud detection, automatitation of routine administration systems or monitoring regulatory systems.
  • Transport and Logistic

    #ML4MX can help users to track congestions and save drivers time. Build behavior models to allow insurance companies to set insurance rates for the way users' drive.
  • Finances

    #ML4MX can be applicable in risk management, fraud prevention or sentiment analysis.
  • Smart Cities / Internet of Things

    #ML4MX and sensors can predict accidents, crimes or save energy cosumption.